Most frequent questions and answers.
Most frequent questions and answers. If you need further answers, feel free to reach out to us with your questions.

Generall FAQ

Grading service includes quality control of the card and protection of the card through case embelment . Our system analyzes and evaluates the quality of the card. 

Customize service allows customers to preserve their collection without grading. Customer may design their own label, print it or let us print it for the customer. High quality acrylic cases are used together with in-house tools for a faster service.  

NetGrade uses multiple carriers and determines the best service based on various factors when shipping your order back to you. 

The order will always include a tracking number.

Submission for grading

Pokemon cards is our speciality. Our systems have been designed for normal sized cards. 

Search for the card that you want to grade. Select grading priority and proceed to checkout. Pack your cards and send them to us with your order number. 

Send the cards to:

NetGrade, Vårbergsplan 32, 127 43, Stockholm, Sweden.

Grading prizes depends on the selected business days turnaround.

20 days – 15 EUR

10 days – 30 EUR

5 days – 50 EUR

1 day – 100 EUR

You can submit all of your items together as our Grading database is coupled to the order. 

If any cards are missing in our database, please send us an e-mail and we will updated it within 48h. 

NetGrade guarantess that all cards submitted to it shall be graded in accordance with NetGrade grading standards and under the procedures of NetGrade. 

Submission for grading

Not all Pokemon enthusiasts like to have their cards graded. At NetGrade we offer customization. Design your own labels for your customized collection and get your cards sealed in our high quality acrylic cases. 

The labels should be designed according to the size: 69 mm (length) and 20 mm (height). 

During your order, select if you would like to send your labels or if you would like us to print them.  Next, during the order select if you want to send the labels to us or if we should print them for you. If you want to print your own labels, pack them with the cards and send the package to 

NetGrade, Vårbergsplan 32. 127 43, Stockholm, Sweden. 

If you would like us to print your label, send us your design via e-mail with your Order number in the titel.


We offer our customers an option to print their own labels. 

If customer would like us print the label, we use the following material:

Sustainable premium paper combined with latest inkJet printer that allows printing of QR codes. 


If the label is printed by the customer, the price is 7.99 EUR.

If the label is printed by NetGrade, the price is 8.99 EUR.


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